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I fell into it. The “some people” trap. It was easy, as it seems to be the only path by which we are supposed to attain gratitude for the things we have. Comparisons, we are taught when we are very young, are useful both for motivation (some people make straight A’s and you should be like them) and gratitude (some people have nothing; look at how much you have). The truth is that comparisons are the source of so much misery, the source of so much greed. Read more at Mutha Magazine.


jbond_caro_article-small_52388Since I heard the news of Julian Bond’s passing on Saturday, I have not been able to shake my memory of the story he told at Emory University last March. In the keynote conversation for the conference, “Whose Beloved Community? Black Civil and LGBT Rights,” Bond told a story of single moment in his history with the NAACP.

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